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About studio Humuhumu

Humuhumu is a stop-motion animation studio.


The Cave  저주소년  

13min  HD , 2022

2022 Palm Springs International ShortFest - Oscar® Qualifying Award -Best Animated Short

2022 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

2022 Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival

2022 Bengaluru International Short Film Festival -Second runner up Prize 

2022 Seoul Indie-AniFest animation Festival-KIAFA Special Prize

2022 Nashville Film Festival

2022 Philadelphia Film Festival

2022 Animage International animation Festival

2022 Uppsala Short Film Festival

2022 Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival

2022 Foyle Film Festival

Dancing Frog  춤추는 개구리

9min  HD , 2018

2018 Indie-Ani Fest Animation Festival Jury Special Prize & Audience Choice Star of Festival

2018 Bucheon International  Animation Film Festival Special Distinction Prize

2018 New Chitose Airport  International  Animation Film Festival Special Award

2018 Seoul Independent Film Festival Competition 

2018 Animainzon International Animation Film Festival

​2018 Bronx World Film Cycle

​2019 Animac International Animation Film Exhibition.

2019 FILMFEST DRESDEN International Short Film Festival International Competition

2019 Athens ANIMFEST Special Mention

2019 Athens International Film And Video Festival International Competition

2019 Cartoons On The Bay Cross-Media and Children's Television Festival International Panorama

2019 Festival International De Cine De LANZALOTE  International Competition

2019 International Animation Film Festival GOLDEN KUKER-SOFIA International Competition

2019 Fest Anča International Animation Festival International Competition

2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival  International Animation

2019 Daegu Independent Short Film Festival Competition

2019 Animal Film Festival In Suncheonman Third Prize 

2019 Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival 

2019 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival International Competition

2019 Cartoon Club International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comics and Games International Competition

2019 Festival Du Film Coreen a Paris  International Competition

2019 Animage International Animation Festival International Competition

2019 Kuandu International Animation Festival International Competition

2019 Hongseong International Short Film Festival  Competition

2019 Feinaki - Beijing Animation Week International Competition

2019 Kaboom International Animation Festival International Competition

2019 VOID International Animation Film Festival International Competition

Ate Nine  구어구워  

1min 1sec HD ( Indie-Ani Fest  Trailer), 2013

2013 Indie-Ani Fest Animation Festival

2013 Asiana International Short Film Festival

2014 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival


Noodle Fish  오목어 

9min 53sec HD, 2012

2012 JEONJU International Film Festival ZIP& AWARD(Grand prize)

2012 THE GFFIS Green Film Festival In Seoul Special  Audience  Jury AWARD

2012 Indi-Forum 

2012 Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival Mise-en-Scene AWARD

2012 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Special Distinction AWARD

2012 Busan International Kids’ ilm Festival 

2012 Seoul International NewMedia Festival

2012 Anima mundi International Animation Film Festival International Competition

2012 Warsaw International Film Festival Best Animated shot

2012 Daegu Independent Short Film Festival Grand Prize 

2012 Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival 

2012 Great Short Film Festival Competition

2012 Fresh Wave International Short Film International Competition

2012 London Korea Film Festival   

2012 Vancouver International Film Festival_Dragons & Tigers series 

2012 Indi Anifest Animation Film Festival Grand Prize & Audience AWARD

2012 Eunpyeong Film Festival

2012 Animateka International Animation Film Festival Elephant Competition

2012 Asiana Internatinal short Film Festival Grand Prize 

2012 Seoul Independent Film Festival Competition 

2012 Kyeongnam Independent Film Festival  

2012 Black Movie Film Festival- Blackmovie for Children

2012 Daejeon Independent Film Festival  

2012 Animpact Animation Festival Grand Prize

2012 Gwangju Human Right Film Festival  

2012 CapalbioCinema International Short Film Festival 

2013 Slamdance International Film Festival International Competition

2013 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market International Competition

2013 Stuttgart International Trick Film Festival International Competition

2013 Tehran International Animation Festival Golden Prize for the Best Animation

2013 Firenze Korea Film Festival

2013 Flatpack Festival Film

2013 Nashville International Film Festival  International Competition

2013 Seattle International Film Festival International Competition

2013 Maryland International Film Festival International Competition 

2013 CinemAmbiente International Environmental Film Festival

2013 KROK International Animation Festival International Competition 

2013 The London International Animation Festival

2013 Encounters Short & Animation Festival

2013 Kloosterkino International Film Festival

2013 Frankfurt-Korea Film Festival

2013 Australia-Korea Film Festival

2013 Croq'Anime Film Festival

2013 Animanima International Animation Festival Periscope AWARD

2013 Interfilm International ShortFilm Festival Green Screen Competition

2013 KUKI International Children & Youth ShortFilm Festival Berlin

2013 Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow 

2013 TBS DigiCon6+3_KOREA Regional Awards The Second Prize

2013 TBS DigiCon6+3_The Final Grand Prize

2013 International Children's Film Festival India Golden Plaque for Second Best Short

2013 Cartoons On The Bay International Animation Festival 

2013 Urban Nomad Film Festival

2013 ISOLA CINEMA Film Festival

2013 ANDKids World Film Festival

Indra's Net  그 믈 

11min 12sec HD, 2009

2008 KROK International Animation Festival International Competition

2008 Big Cartoon Festival International Competition

2009 Indie Anifest Competition

2009 Seoul Independent Film Festival 

2010 Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival

2010 Festival Franco Coreen Du Film 

2010 Seoul Animation Award

2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival



Soeyoun  소이연 

10min 10sec 35mm film, 2007

2007 THE 4th GFFIS Green Film Festival In Seoul InternationalCompetition

2007 ANNECY International Animation Film Festival Graduation Competition

2007 SHANGHAI International Film Festival

2007 MOONDANCE International Film Festival Moondance Calypso Award

2007 JAPAN Image Forum_Korean Independent Cinema

2007 RESFEST Film Festival

2007 Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul Fuji Film Eterna Award

2007 TAIWAN International Animation Festival InternationalCompetition 

2007 INDIE Anifest Special Distinction Professional Film Prize

2007 TBS DigiCon6+3 The Third Prize

2007 SEOUL International Film Festival  Best Shot Award

2007 SEOUL International Film Festival

2007 VANCOUVER Film Festival_Dragons & Tigers Series

2007 DOK-Leipzig International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 

2007 P.Art.y (People,Art& Technology) Festival

2007 AURORA _Student Film InternationalCompetition

2007 JAPAN Digital Creators Competition Quebec Animation Award

2007 PISAF Puchon International Student Animation Festival International Competition

2007 ASIFA International Animation Day

2007 SIFF Seoul Independent Film Festival The Grand Prize

2007 Icastelli International Animation Film Festival 

2007 Les e-magiciens_Asian Students' Best Screening 

2008  Brussels Animation Films Festival International Competition  

2008 LAPUTA International Animation Festival International Competition 

2008 SICAF Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival International Competition

2008 Yilan Green International Film Festival 

2008 ZAGREB World Festival of Animation Film  Graduation Competition

2008 KROK International Animation Festival International Competition

2008 4th InD Panda International Shorts Festival  International Competition

2008 Big Cartoon Festival 

2008 Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival

2008 LINOLEUM Festival of Newmedia and Experimental Animation  

2008 Animationnation International Animation Festival 

2010 Melbourne International Animation Festival 

2010 London International Animation Festival

Bologee Stroy  볼록이 이야기

11min 20sec HD, 2003

2002 Hongik University Film Festival Director Award

2003 Seoul Independent Film Festival Competition

2004 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Debut Prize & Audience Award 

2004 Dong-A LG International Cartoon & Animation Festival Fine Arts Prize

2004 Chunchon Anitown Festival Third Prize 

2004 Puchon International Student Animation Festival Ryugwangsun Prize

2004 CINANIMA International Animation Festival


2005 TEHRAN International Animated Film Festival Competition

2005 Taiwan International Animation Festival

2005 JAPAN Media Arts Festival

2005 Fantoche Internationales Festival Fur Animations Film

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